The Refrigerator That Walks Freely With You

Update:25 Oct 2021

Today we will introduce a free walking Mini Car Freezer. What kind of people is it suitable for?

1. Outdoor activity enthusiasts, cool people

The on-board portable refrigerator is simply a must-have artifact for outdoor play, cold drinks, fruits, sandwiches... Enjoy the chilled life anytime and anywhere while driving, by the sea, on the desert grassland

2. Long-distance travelers

All kinds of fresh ingredients from north to south, cosmetics for beauties, medicines for special people, as long as you need, Paradi refrigerator can provide you with the specified temperature and service.

Imagine that if you get seafood from the coast of the East China Sea in the morning, you can take the high-speed rail in the afternoon and arrive at the dining table in the Northwest Desert. Will life be so good...

3. People who work from home

Easy pull rod type walkable design, equipped with household 220V power adapter, as long as you need, apartment, office, rental house...any occasion, any place, Paradi refrigerator can be with you.

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