The Difference Between Household Refrigerators And Commercial Refrigerators

Update:20 Sep 2021

Although domestic refrigerators and commercial refrigerators are the same as refrigerators, there are still some differences. Then, what is the difference between domestic refrigerators and commercial refrigerators? Let's take a look.

1. Household freezers are divided into freezers, freezers, refrigerated freezers and refrigerated-freezer conversion cabinets according to their functions. The volume of household freezer is generally below 200L, according to its structure can be divided into horizontal freezer, vertical freezer and desktop freezer.

2. Household freezers are generally designed according to three-star level, and the temperature inside the cabinet is -18℃~-28℃, which is used to store frozen food. Because of the single temperature, the structure is simple; the freezing capacity is large, and the volume of the general household freezer is 100L; it has: deep freezing and quick freezing capacity, without destroying the flavor of the food; good heat preservation effect, generally there will be no defrosting phenomenon in 24 hours of power failure.

3. The refrigeration and freezing of the household refrigeration-freezing conversion cabinet are in the same room, and the refrigeration and freezing functions are converted by operating the conversion switch to the "ON" position. The freezing function state, the temperature in the box is below -18℃. When the switch is placed in the "OFF" position, it is in the state of refrigeration function, the temperature in the box is -5~10℃, and it can be adjusted at will according to the needs during use.

4. The use temperature of the household refrigerator is 0~10℃, without freezing function, it is specially used to store fruits and vegetables, beverages, etc. The structure of the door body is hollow transparent glass, and there is a lighting lamp inside, which can clearly see the items stored inside.

5. Commercial freezers are generally divided into three categories: convenience store freezers (also known as beverage coolers), supermarket freezers (also known as refrigerators), and kitchen freezers, with volumes ranging from 20L to 1600L. Among them, the temperature in the freezer of convenience stores is 0-10 degrees, which is widely used in the storage and sales of various beverages, dairy products, fruits, and flowers. According to the door opening method, it is divided into vertical type (front opening type), top opening type, and air curtain type. The vertical freezer is divided into single door, double door, three door, and multiple doors. The top opening type includes barrel, square and air curtain type. There are two types of front and top exposures. At present, the domestic market is dominated by vertical convenience store freezers.

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