The Bigger Advantage Of Ice Cream Showcase Is The Display Function

Update:10 Jun 2020

In addition to the fresh-keeping function, the Ice Cream Showcase cabinet has a greater advantage in display function. Through the transparent display window, delicious ice cream is displayed in front of us, which greatly stimulates our taste. The ice cream showcase cabinet has a beautiful appearance, easy disassembly and assembly, firm structure, and convenient transportation. It is widely used in cake shops, gift shops, small supermarkets, and convenience stores.

The design of ice cream showcase cabinet adopts scientific and reasonable structure design, energy saving, power saving, cleaning and freshness are better; the ice cream showcase cabinet uses imported compressor, low noise, high efficiency, uniform cooling, stable temperature and outstanding refrigeration effect; The large arc glass is luxurious and beautiful, unique in shape and transparent in display. To design and produce ice cream showcase cabinets, you need to do the following:

1. Complete the practical functions of ice cream preservation.

2. The imported compressor must be used.

3. Use tempered glass and high-quality materials (such as cake insulation cabinet).

4. Make full and reasonable use of unique space.

5. The appearance is beautiful and novel, attracts attention, and at the same time gives people a good impression and a taste to eat.

6. To meet the advertising design requirements of businesses.

7. Once there is a problem with refrigeration, it must be repaired in the shortest time.