Introduction And Working Principle Of Refrigerator

Update:22 Jul 2022

A refrigerator is a refrigeration device that maintains a constant low temperature, and it is also a civilian product that keeps food or other items in a constant low temperature state. In the box, there are a compressor, a cabinet or a box for the ice maker to freeze, and a storage box with a refrigerating device. The volume of household refrigerators is usually 20 to 500 liters.

How refrigerators work

Compression refrigerator: This kind of refrigerator is provided with mechanical energy by the motor, and works on the refrigeration system through the compressor. The refrigeration system is made by the principle of absorbing heat when evaporating and vaporizing a refrigerant with a low boiling point. Its advantages are long life and easy to use. 91 to 95% of refrigerators in the world belong to this category. Commonly used refrigerators use a refrigerant called R600a refrigerator as a heat "porter" to "carry" the "heat" in the refrigerator to the outside of the refrigerator.

Absorption refrigerator: This kind of refrigerator can use heat source (such as gas, kerosene, electricity, etc.) as power. Ammonia-water-hydrogen mixed solution is used to achieve the purpose of refrigeration in the continuous absorption-diffusion process. Its disadvantages are low efficiency and slow cooling, and it has been gradually eliminated.

Refrigerator: It is a refrigerator that realizes refrigeration by using the principle of PN-type semiconductors and direct current to generate Peltier effect at the nodes.

Chemical refrigerator: It is a refrigerator that uses certain chemicals to absorb heat when dissolved in water to obtain a refrigeration effect.Electromagnetic vibration refrigerator: It is a

refrigerator that uses an electromagnetic vibration machine as the main power to drive the compressor. The principle and structure are basically the same as those of the compression refrigerator.

Solar Refrigerator: It is a refrigerator that uses solar energy as cooling energy.

Adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration refrigerator.

Radiant refrigeration refrigerator.

Solid refrigeration refrigerator.