Introduction And Core Technology Of Ice Cream Freezer

Update:02 Sep 2022

The freezer is a good helper for our cold life in summer. Storing our favorite foods in the refrigerator also keeps our food fresh for a long time. So, which brands of refrigerators on the market have a better cooling effect? The ice cream freezer is a very powerful freezer.

The core energy-saving technology of the ice cream freezer breaks through the energy-saving bottleneck of the freezer. The daily minimum standard power consumption of a 550-liter large space side freezer is only 0.78 degrees, the daily minimum power consumption of a three-door computer freezer is 0.39 degrees, and the daily minimum power consumption of a three-door mechanical freezer. The minimum temperature is 0.25 degrees, refreshing the freezer Industry's energy-saving standards. It is understood that the energy-saving technology in the freezer industry has been relatively mature, and every 0.1-degree increase in energy saving can be described as a leap.

Dual system: cold air technology: ice cream refrigerator dual system freezer, to avoid the drawbacks of traditional single system air-cooled refrigerator, innovatively introduce the "dual system" core technology, create a new generation of air-cooled refrigerator, and provide consumers with a new solution with both air-cooled and fresh-keeping functions Solution; Dual systems do not pollute odors: The two systems operate independently, refrigerating and freezing at the same time, effectively avoiding the cross effect of the two chambers and completely eliminating odors.

It is not difficult to see that the ice cream freezer is still a good brand. If you don't have to go after the big names, ice cream freezers are also brands you can consider. Ice cream freezer is a domestic high-end brand. Our brand freezer, old brand freezer, the company is strong, everyone likes ice cream freezer.