Important Factors In Choosing A Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

Update:25 Feb 2022

Important factors in choosing a commercial ice cream freezer

When choosing the best commercial ice cream storage and display freezer, you need to consider the temperature logistics above, as well as several other major factors:

Capacity - You want your commercial ice cream refrigerator or freezer to have enough capacity to store and display all the items you want shoppers to be able to buy. How many flavors do you want to showcase online? How many people use a spoon or trowel to scoop ice cream out of a container and serve it to customers? For that matter, would you buy your product in a square or round container? There is also a difference.

Efficiency - Energy efficiency is also an issue for this type of product. Some commercial ice cream freezers and ice cream display freezer models come with a feature called energy saving mode that helps reduce the amount of electricity you use to process ice cream or other products.

More Temperature Control - Certain types of commercial ice cream refrigerators and freezers have temperature ranges to help you micromanage how you handle ice cream or other frozen substances.

Pro tip - keep in mind that the exact temperature to serve will vary, especially with ice cream. If it's too cold, it's hard to eat. On the other hand, if you're serving in a hot climate, getting extra cooler temperatures can help. Some people swear that the best serving temperature for ice cream is between -10 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while others suggest between 6 and 10 degrees. In general, though, ice cream that's too cold will keep tasters from finding more flavor, so keep that in mind and do some internal testing.