Ice Cream Freezer Energy Saving Tips

Update:05 Aug 2022

1. Correct location of ice cream freezer

Before turning on the power to the refrigerator, we must consider a suitable place. If the ambient temperature is high, it will affect the commercial freezer and increase the power consumption. Therefore, we must choose a cool and well-ventilated place. We must avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from heat sources.

2. Pay attention to the items inside

We need to be careful what we put in it: flammable or volatile chemical reagents/drugs should not be stored in the refrigerator; odorous or corrosive items should be avoided in the box; dry food such as fish, vegetables, or fruits should be kept fresh first film or other packaging material before storing in a commercial refrigerator.

3. Pay attention to the door seal of the chest freezer

For example, if you notice a leaking door seal, replace it immediately or you will lose the cold and the chest freezer will no longer freeze. So, in the past, we've known that suppliers will use quilts to cover freezer doors to prevent ice loss.

4. How to store items

If you need to put hot food in, be patient and don't put them in immediately, you should wait for the food to cool to ambient temperature before putting them in. Remember: don't crowd the room with items, you should leave enough space between each item so that the cool air can exchange temperatures evenly everywhere. It works even better if the product is packaged in small packages, which reduces freezing time, saving electricity and making it easier to store and remove.

5. Clean the ice cream freezer frequently

We have to clean the chest freezer frequently as this is also very important to reduce power consumption. We need to clean the surfaces of compressors and condensers every 2-3 months: the more dust on the surfaces, the worse the heat dissipation and the higher the power consumption. When cleaning the freezer compartment, turn off the power first, then clean with a damp cloth.