How to Adjust The Temperature of The Horizontal Top Open Door Freezer?

Update:11 Oct 2021

The refrigeration temperature of the freezer is required to be controlled between 0 and 10 degrees, so that the freezer can operate normally. Bailing will tell you how the Top Open Door Freezer adjusts the temperature?

Generally in winter, the gear temperature should be around 0 degrees Celsius. Generally, the temperature setting is adjusted according to the change of the external temperature, so that while the freezer can operate normally, the stored things will not be affected by the external environment.

In summer, because the ambient temperature is too high, it is difficult for the refrigerator to drop by one degree. The startup time will be longer and the shutdown time will be shorter. At the same time, the compressor will work for a long time at high temperatures, causing damage to the piston and cylinder. , Power consumption will also increase.

Therefore, the temperature of the summer gear should not be too low, so that the start-up time and the shutdown time will become balanced, which saves energy while reducing wear and tear and increasing the service life of the freezer.

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