Development Of Solar DC Freezer

Update:24 Mar 2021

The use of traditional refrigerators consumes a large amount of conventional energy, and the indirect pollution to the environment is becoming more and more serious. From the perspective of China's current energy supply and environmental protection needs, the development of refrigerators that use clean energy will be the general trend. Also, there are many remote areas and nomads in China that have not yet been included in the power supply network, and there is no condition to use refrigerators to store food. These also provide a potential market for the development of Solar DC Freezer .

However, some aspects of the development level of solar energy utilization are theoretically feasible and technically mature. However, some solar energy utilization devices have low efficiency and high cost, and the current laboratory utilization efficiency does not exceed 30%. In general, the economy cannot compete with conventional energy sources. For a considerable period in the future, the further development of solar energy utilization will be mainly restricted by the economy.

However, under the premise of energy-saving development, China freezer will only have more applications for solar energy.