When buying a refrigerator, remember not to buy these 4 refrigerators

Update:04 Jan 2020

In order to meet the needs of consumers, and in order to allow consumers to choose according to their needs, various refrigerators are manufactured. However, some refrigerators are not recommended for purchase and require special attention.

01 、 Super capacity or too small capacity

For example, because of work reasons, people are busy with work, and some people have no time to buy food after work, so in order to cook from Monday to Saturday, I want to choose a lot of refrigerators at home. However, experts can say that this type of refrigerator is not practical and is said to cost more electricity than other refrigerators. In this way, capacity can be calculated.

02 、 Identify energy-saving refrigerators

Many people will consider whether this will consume electricity when buying a refrigerator. When buying a refrigerator, you can pay attention to the upper right corner of the refrigerator. In fact, there are signs and labels. The performance of the refrigerator has been described above. Low-energy refrigerators indicate that the refrigerator is in the first class. If you do n’t reach Level 2 or Level 3, we recommend that you do not buy at home. It is not recommended to buy because the energy efficiency is very low, the cooling effect is low, and the electricity bill is expensive.

03 、 Double door refrigerator

The double-door refrigerator looks beautiful from the outside and can hold a lot of things, but this refrigerator is more expensive and has very little space. For small apartments, I recommend you choose this refrigerator. How to use it is no different from a normal refrigerator.

04. Unknown brands of refrigerators

There are also many unknown brands of refrigerators on the market, these products are very attractive to consumers in terms of style and price. If you do not use cheap products for a long time, problems will occur, normal products are more suitable, and quality is guaranteed. But the compressor is in the refrigerator and it doesn't look good. Therefore, buying a refrigerator brand has at least a lot of after-sales service and quality assurance protection, don't worry too much.

Refrigerator Selection Guide

01, the volume of the refrigerator

Generally speaking, the larger the refrigerator's capacity, the larger its body size. Under the premise of space permitting, it is advisable for household refrigerators to have an average volume of about 50 liters per person, and determine the volume requirements in combination with the frequency of household purchases of ingredients.

02. Freezing capacity of refrigerator

Refrigerators with insufficient fast freezing capacity do not have enough freezing time, which may cause deterioration of food and loss of nutrients. The energy efficiency level of a refrigerator usually depends on the 24-hour energy consumption of the refrigerator. The energy consumption of a refrigerator is easy to see through the energy saving sign, but it is easy to overlook the freezing capacity of the refrigerator. In fact, when judging whether a refrigerator saves power, it is necessary to combine power consumption with freezing capacity.

A refrigerator with a power consumption of 0.4 kWh has a freezing capacity of 5 kg. The power consumption of the unit is 0.6 kWh and the refrigeration capacity is 18 kg. Which refrigerator has better power saving ability? The second has a higher average freezing capacity than the first, so it is clearly the second.

03, the greater the freezing power, the better

As mentioned earlier, a refrigerator with insufficient rapid freezing capacity may cause loss of food and nutrition, but a refrigerator with large freezing capacity is also excellent. Because the freezing power is very large, even if the internal structure and nutritional structure of food are damaged, even the refrigerator with the highest energy saving function is not suitable. The most important thing in maintaining the color and flavor of food is to preserve the nutrition of the food.

04 、 Air cooling or direct cooling?

Cooling: The cooling pipe is used for direct cooling to cool the internal air to achieve the cooling effect. Because the air is not convective and the temperature is not uniform, the internal temperature of the entire cabinet is different.

In addition, there is the problem of defrosting. If you use the hair dryer lightly, the frost is heavy and you need to remove it with a kitchen knife. Some refrigerators are not fully sealed and the internal temperature does not reach the standard. The cooling pipe will continue to cool and the frost will become more serious.

Air-cooled: Use cold air for cooling. The advantage is that the temperature is more uniform, the temperature is controlled more accurately, and there is no condensation and frost. The disadvantage is that the water in the food can be easily removed, but some models have a moisturizing function to avoid food drying.

05, fixed frequency or frequency conversion

Fixed frequency: The speed of the fixed frequency compressor is fixed. When the internal temperature of the refrigerator reaches the set temperature during operation, the operation of the compressor stops, and when the temperature rises, the compressor of the refrigerator restarts. The temperature difference when the refrigerator was switched on was so great that the compressor started to restart. When the refrigerator is opened and closed, the temperature difference will be very large, and the compressor will be continuously turned on and off. This consumes a lot of energy during the immediate startup process.

Frequency conversion: The frequency conversion compressor automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor according to the temperature of the refrigerator. The inverter refrigerator will not wear out when it starts immediately, so the refrigerator has a long life, low energy consumption, high energy saving effect and low noise.