Big Size Freezer Is The Heart of Refrigeration System

Update:10 Sep 2020

Compressor is the heart of Big Size Freezer, and its quality directly affects the performance of big size freezer. Therefore, in the process of testing the quality of big size freezer, we should focus on testing the old and new compressor and its running status. However, the average consumer doesn't know how to carry out professional testing. Here are some tips to test the quality of compressors in big size freezer. We can check the old and new degree of the compressor from its appearance, including appearance, production date, sound and temperature.

1. Temperature

When running a big size freezer, touch its shell with the back of your hand to see if it is too hot.

2. Appearance

Brand-new compressors are usually smooth in appearance, bright in color and not rough. The welding joints of the input and output pipes are welded directly with the evaporator at one time, and if they are welded again, there will always be polished marks.

3. Sound

When the compressor starts to rotate, it will not hear mechanical noise, but with the increase of running time, the compressor will make clear, balanced and stable running sound, and the sound will gradually decrease. When the compressor stops, it will not make abnormal sound.

4. Production date label

All new compressors have nameplates, which are marked with compressor model, serial number, date of manufacture, power, etc., and can be checked.