Advantages Of Top Open Door Freezer In Space And Cost

Update:18 Aug 2020

If you want to buy a freezer now, you must be confused about whether to buy a vertical freezer or a Top Open Door Freezer. Next, we will introduce their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can buy the right freezer according to your own needs.

Spatial differences:

Both options have different sizes, which can provide more or less space as needed. However, the space for food in freezers is quite different. There is only one wire basket for storage in top open door freezer, which means that other foods may be buried in each other.

Due to product innovation in refrigeration industry, many freezers now have extra storage baskets and compartments, which can simplify the space. Some drawer types can be pulled out for quick maintenance. This makes it easier to use placement.

There is a shelf compartment in the vertical freezer, which provides a simple way to layer the whole freezer. Therefore, in the past, people thought that the vertical freezer was more convenient. However, due to shelf cabinets, larger refrigerated items are not suitable for freezers.

Cost variance:

Top open door freezer are more cost-effective. The freezing chamber can keep a good temperature and run with the least energy. This means that your energy cost is lower! They are also cheaper than vertical freezers.

Energy efficiency differences:

Top open door freezer are more energy efficient than vertical freezers. The top open door freezer at the top is tightly sealed with airtight lock to keep the food fresh and frozen. Therefore, it also means that less energy is used to keep the container cool. There is a small gap in the door mechanism of the vertical freezer, which consumes more energy to keep the food cool. Because of the built-in side wall insulation layer, the top open door freezer can keep its low temperature well, so it can be operated with the least energy.

In fact, when the power goes out or the family moves to another place, as long as the freezer cover is not opened, the items in the unplugged freezer can be frozen for two to three days, depending on the amount of frozen food. Top open door freezer have a longer service life than vertical freezers.

To sum up, the top open door freezer and the vertical freezer have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to save more space and organize things conveniently, please choose a vertical freezer.

If you want to save more energy and cost, please choose the top open door freezer.