Advantages Of Ice Cream Freezer

Update:04 Nov 2020

The freezer is a good helper for our cold life in summer. Our favorite foods are stored in the freezer, and it can also keep our food fresh for a long time. The ice cream freezer is a very powerful freezer. The editor will help you Introducing the Ice Cream Freezer.

Ice cream is divided into soft ice cream and hard ice cream. Generally, the storage temperature of hard ice cream is below -18 degrees Celsius. Above this temperature, the mechanism in the ice cream will be destroyed, although it is invisible to the naked eye, such as: ice crystals melt and air is released... theoretically The temperature of -18 degrees is ok, but because we store more and the performance of the freezer is different, I generally ask the user to lower the temperature, at least minus 22 degrees Celsius, so that the ice cream will be better preserved. Soft ice cream, especially those served to users on-site, does not need to be stored for a long time, and the best edible temperature of ice cream is -12 degrees, so there is no problem in keeping it at this temperature for a short time.

The energy-saving technology of ice cream freezer core breaks through the energy-saving bottleneck of the freezer in one fell swoop. The 550-liter large space side-side freezer has a minimum daily standard power consumption of only 0.78 degrees. The daily power consumption of the three-door computer freezer is at least 0.39 degrees. The minimum temperature is 0.25 degrees, refreshing the energy-saving standards of the freezer industry. It is understood that the energy-saving technology of the freezer industry has developed relatively mature, and every 0.1 degree increase in energy saving can be described as a leap. Dual system: cold air technology: ice cream freezer dual-system freezer, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional single-system air-cooled freezer, innovatively introduces "dual system" core technology to create a new generation of air-cooled freezer, providing consumers with both air cooling and fresh-keeping functions Brand-new solution; dual systems do not taint odor: Two systems operate independently in refrigeration and freezing at the same time, effectively avoiding the cross-effect of the two compartments, and completely eliminating odor troubles.

The freezer is a kind of professional storage tool used to store various foods that need to be frozen. It is a small cabinet or small room that keeps food or other items in a cold state. There is an ice maker to freeze the cabinet or box with a refrigeration device. Boxes are widely used by various industries and families. The freezer refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttling part and evaporator. 1. Refrigeration, preservation, dual temperature settings, wide storage range. 2. Good sealing performance can effectively control the temperature change in the box. Reduce energy consumption. 3. The overall shape is generous and decent. 4. The foam door and flexible door seal are adopted, which has excellent sealing and heat preservation performance. 5. The dual-temperature and dual-compressor configuration enables the machine to run freely in various environments. Wide range of geographical applications, simultaneous use of cold storage functions, reducing storage requirements.