Adsorption Refrigeration Of Solar DC Freezer

Update:07 Apr 2021

Under the current major premise of energy saving and environmental protection, in addition to power saving, the refrigerator now also has the Solar DC Freezer . The use of solar energy for cooling and refrigeration realizes the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection.

The refrigeration principle of the solar adsorption refrigeration system is to use the solid adsorbent in the adsorption bed to periodically adsorb and desorb the refrigerant to realize the refrigeration cycle. The solar adsorption refrigeration system is mainly composed of a solar adsorption heat collector, condenser, accumulator, evaporator, valve, and so on. Commonly used adsorbents for refrigerants include activated carbon-methanol, activated carbon-ammonia, calcium chloride-ammonia, silica gel-water, metal hydride-hydrogen, and so on. Solar adsorption refrigeration has the advantages of simple system structure, no moving parts, low noise, no need to consider corrosion, etc., and it's cost and operating cost are relatively low.

Solar refrigeration technology can save us a lot of energy, and the future development of the China freezer will get better and better.